Saturday, November 3, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS: ''Boom!'' pig

''Boom!'' Pigs are the heavys of the grand pig army. They are the only pigs that talk and the only thing they say is ''boom!'' when they win. They carry bazookas, miniguns, and heavy death rays (ANGRY BIRDS:FUTURE only). In a webcomic two of them fall in love with female helmet pig but she slaps them and pushs them into Mighty's cave. One of the nerd pigs (aka geek pigs or dr. pigs) wears a bright blue lab coat and is a helmet pig with the words ''nerds rule!!!'' on his helmet, in ANGRY BIRDS: SCARY he seems to be a ''boom!'' pig 12/20 percent. He is called uruk-hai sapper pig in ANGRY BIRDS: LORD OF THE RINGS and has a helmet that covers his eyes and has a mine. He became the thugee gunner and heavy nazi and soviet in ANGRY BIRDS: INDIANA JONES.  

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