Saturday, November 24, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS: General Vogal Pig PLUS: upcoming roblox game by ME!

the pig he shot.
him without his hat.

him before he fell out of the blimp.

him during the tank chase.

General Vogal Pig is the cousin of General Pig.  He is a Nazi. He rides a huge tank called: ''the bird beater.'' The level BLIMP CHASE finds him in the first level, and there is a window behind him. You can knock him out of it. Later he battles you in his tank. He birdnaps Grandpa Jones and has a solider guard him while he fights Angry Jones and shoots his revolver at him. He shot three bullets which Indiana Bird ducked, and it hit a Nazi solider, killing him. Then he hit Indiana Bird with his gun and knocked him out. Then he ordered two Nazi pigs to push him off. They did, but he grabbed hold of a broken cannon end and General Vogal Pig hit him but Indiana Bird got back on and attacked him. Vogal fell off the cliff in the tank. He appears without his General's cap in the poster for ANGRY BIRDS: INDIANA JONES. He is darker in the poster than the game.

                                                     ''oink,oink,oink, us! oink oink oink!!!*''
                                                     *translated: ''never will you defeat us! 
                                                          destroy him!!!''
i will make a roblox game called ZOMBIEBUSTERS about the ghostbusters vs zombies there will be zombie coming out of zombie stay puft's cheast it will come out soon!

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