Saturday, November 17, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS: Nute Pigray

Episode 3

Episode 1 and 2
   Nute Pigray is a Pignodien from Pignodia. He appears in level 22-30 in the level THE PIG FEDARATION SHIP. In the ship he makes TC-14 bird go to serve them food, but she betrays him and helps the birds, till a Pignodion solider with a bazooka blows her up. He and Rune Hacko Pig barricade themselves in the control room with the other Pignodions by pushing a huge pile of eggs aganist the door. But Angry Qui-gon and Angry Obi-Wan were cutting through it when destroyer droids rolled out from the armory, but took so long because they took the convenience elevator. But they stopped them. He went down to Naboo in a shuttle and got in control in the level NABOO PALACE.  He is at the last stage with Rune Hacko Pig and the Chief of the Pignodion guards. He duels with duel pistols.  He probably kills most of the birds by shooting them, but when Bomb is the only living bird, he blows up a stick which flies into a switch and two spikes on chains fly at him from all sides. Rune Hacko gets into his ship but hears ticking. He figures out the driver is a BOMB PIG. The bomb pig says he is the replacement for the other one that fell and broke his nose, and he blows up. They appear in episode 2 in the Genosin arena. They can be killed by Angry Mace (aka Boomarang Jedi). They also appear in a cutscene in the pig federation core ship with Angry Dooku. They later appear in episode three in the stage THE DESTRUCTION OF THE SEPARATISTS, with all the Separatist leaders. He gets killed, but he shoots at Anakin, but he deflect them, and they destroy the plank that he is standing on and he falls into the lava.

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