Friday, November 9, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS: Decaying zombie pig

Decaying zombie pigs apper in ANGRY BIRDS: ZOMBIES. They are zombie pigs that start to decay. Some of them have mustaches. They are used as the Zombie King Pig's large pigs. There are some that are bosses, such as Zombie General Pig (the post about him shall soon be added). One that was wearing a bullet belt is one of Zombie Bane Pig's elite minions. When the zombie pigs' fortress was attacked, all zombie pigs, including all the decaying zombie pigs, came to aid them. The birds fought them, killing most of them, but the rest were about to get them. But Red threw a fish can at a guard zombie pig, who was a decaying zombie police pig. It hit him, and he looked at it and looked up and got killed by Mighty Eagle, along with all the zombie pigs (minus Zombie King Pig, he is super-strong and it only hurt him a bit). Also there were a few zombie pigs in tanks being led by Zombie General Pig, in the cut scene, when all the zombie pig army poured out of the fortress. Also, they are rare, the half-decaying, half-not decaying pigs.

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