Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ALL NEW PIGS: Bezerker Pork-Hai

With helmet on

Without helmet

The pork-hai he looks like
The Bezerker Pork-Hai appears in ANGRY BIRDS: LORD OF THE RINGS as a boss. He appears in the poster without his helmet. The level he is in is 39 of the stage: BATTLE OF PORK'S DEEP with several other pork-hai and a pork-hai sapper. He wields a super-awsome sword with two razer-sharp blades. He appears in a cutscene holding a torch while killing a rohon solider, running past the other pork-hai. In the end yellow bird cuts a rope and he topples over, getting very hurt, but the torch falls and the wall blows up, killing two elfen soliders and one rohon solider. Thousands of pork-hai climb up the ladders and a few are seen. The commanding pork-hai engineer looks like him but has a battle skirt and a engineer helmet and a pork-hai dagger. He orders the others to bring out the siege ladders.

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