Friday, November 2, 2012



one of the many gladiators

the sniper.

the dear captain

one of the many viewers

the captain's assistant

the armor I wore.

Ugh, I hate guard duty! I was sent to Feluca to guard a clone training center! Wait... what is that noise? Better hide! A Trandoshon here? Better charge him! AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Wait... is that a stun pistol? Eeee!
BOUNTY HUNTER'S SHIP TIME: 2 AND A HALF ROACTHAN AFTER LAST ENTRY  Uuughhh, i  just woke up in a cell with my old clothes gone. I was wearing armor. Then an Umbaren bounty hunter walked up to my cell: ''Well, well, a Jedi,'' he says, ''Captain Devock will dump you off at Corasant and make you and the others battle the evilest, the strongest, and the undeftbal,'' he says and walked off...
CORASANT ONE ROTACEN LATER... finally... the others and I got off. The bounty hunters followed us we were forced into an arena thousands of bounty hunters, smugglers, spies, and any type of criminal you can think of! A small ugly Trandoshon gave us staffs. Then the baddies came out... they were a ugly bulky Gomorian guard with an extro staff, a huge Rancor wearing armor with a club, and more. We attacked -- I headlocked the Gamoren and tossed him through the arena, used the force to make two weequys shoot each other. I see the Rancor killing the remaining bounty hunters and prisoners. I attack! I stab it again and again until it dies, then I say: ''What is my reward? Can I leave now?'' Captain Devock says: ''No, but we will set you you free, KILL HIM!!!!'' all the thugs aim their weapons at me. I jump at the crowd and force my lightsaber out of his hand. Also I grab my blaster and blast a ugly snake-like creature. A bunch of bounty hunters attack, but I fend them off. A sniper snips at me, but I throw my lightsaber at him and killed him. Thousands of scum blasted at me, but I cut many down. Then I made my way to the captain. His bodyguard, a Nikto with a mohawk, turned on his electro-pike and attacked. I cut him in half while he was still running. Then I used the force to knock the blaster from the captain's hand.

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