Wednesday, July 18, 2012

yesterday and today

Yesterday we played spider tag, where if you get tagged you fall down and pretend to be dead and can come back to life if you get dragged to the mat and I must say there were a LOT of bodies littering the floor. The scariest part was when a person jumped over you it felt like they were going to land in your chest! We also played dodge ball --the balls were not hard but hurt a bit. We got cover. I supplied some of our team's ''snipers'' with ammo and threw at the enemy. I got hit in the face once but I was lucky compared to some other kid who had a ball hit the top of his head TWICE. Then we went back, and I went into the loft where there were pillows and a tv (that does not work), so I had a pillow fight. I took a punch to the face!

Now for today! My baby sitter went to the hospital, so I got to  watch some tv show about the world. Then we went to newspaper camp just in time for me to get in line for capture the flag. We had three. We were pretty much robbed blind by the other team since there were three groups of people against us. They were coming from the front and both sides and since there were two people to watch them, we were defeated. Then we drew inside. I drew an evil ghost chasing a teenage girl and her boy friend and wrote HORROR COMICS on the top and saved it for a future comic idea. Then I went into the loft and had a pillow fight. Then grandpa came and when we were walking away from the loft to go downstairs I heard the horrified scream of a little kid --some kids were holding a pillow over his head -- he screamed in the tone people usually give when there is a giant cannibal rat trying to kill you, ''EEEEE!!! YOU'RE SUFFACATING ME!!!!!!!!'' Then we went to get ice cream. I got cake batter ice cream on top of  banana ice cream (I can not remember for sure) with chocolate shavings. Then I went home. 

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