Tuesday, July 3, 2012

psycho clowns

It is a normal day (night) in gotham. Batman is sitting on a ledge when the Bat Signal comes. He jumps to the police department and finds out joker's clown goons and mime goons are on the rampage. Batman sees a clone goon sticking up a bank. He jumps down and knocks the handgun out of the clown's hand then punchs him up into the sky! Then he sees a gang of mime goons shooting at people. He quickly knocks a taser out of the goon's hand and kicks him. Then he spots a mime gang's leader, a clown with a hood and a shotgun. He shoots at batman. He punches him and knocks him off his feet (like what Matthew did once) and kicks him mid-fall.  Then he knocks a goon with a machine gun in the face and then goes to Gotham Collage, where the crime wave's leader is. He is a clown with a hood, a coat, a hidden taser gun, and a gas gun. He shoots batman but he covers his mouth with a gas mask, then punches him, but he electricutes Batman with the taser gun and Batman hits his nerve center and paralyzes him.

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