Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gremlins or Goblins or Aliens???

This guy took this pic and his grand kid or grand something got it and posted it on The question is what are those things??? aliens?gremlins? goblins? I do not know where he took this but it may be an alien maybe escaped or perhaps gremlins, since they do look a little angry/happy/evil. It is hard to tell what gremlins are feeling. I think that it is very unlikely that they are goblins for three reasons: 1. goblins wear more clothes 2. goblins are often, if ever in a picture, hard to see 3. goblins have less hair. The one in the window seems too be carrying a black box or weapon (alien death ray?). It may be something like this box that those blond long- haired aliens used to kill a bigfoot (helpers of human-like aliens) (post a comment if you want to say what YOU think)

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