Monday, July 2, 2012

Battle of Kashkky, part 2

Blaster bolts and slicing laser swords are everywhere! Pablo-jill cuts off a tradoshon's arm and kicks him into another trandoshon! Roron corobb slices down a Droid gunship -- it crashs into aN Att! B'ink Utrila force pushs a trandoshon into a trandoshon scout ship! Gor-el is shot by a blaster bolt! Roron Corobb jumps on a squad of droid gunships, cutting open the door of one and stabs the trandoshon pilot in the chest and jumps to another and force pushs the tradoshon into a droid tank and puts the gunship on audio controls but a tradoshon scrambles out of a hatch on another droid gunship and pulls out a trandoshon hunting pistol, blasting at him. A stray blaster bolt hits the engine and our hero jumps to the ship with the tradoshon and slices his blaster in two and forces the assassin to crash into the fourth gunship. Then he stabs the ship's core, jumps onto the beach, and is joined by his new clone squad and its leader Sergent Slice as he shoots a super battle droid! Shor yells at the jedi: ''ha! I killed one of you with a single shot! now come and get it!'' He blasts a clone speeder as it zooms past, making it crash into a tree as the jedi charge at Shor. It falls on the ground, preventing them from getting to him. A surprise assault craft pulls over and commando droids  leap out with marking, symbolizing them as elite troops. They pull out their upgraded blaster or viro blades...WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? WILL OUR HEROES BE CUT DOWN BY ELITE COMMANDO DROIDS OR SURVIVE TO THE FINISH??? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!!!!!

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