Sunday, July 22, 2012

the zombies strick back!!!! PLUS:what i have been doing.

it is after WW2 and everyone is having fun then suddenly a plane with nuclear waste engine stops it falls down in to a big grave yard for nazis and the nazi start to come back to life as... ZOMBIES!!!! The zombies start killing people but the army, marines, and police attack the nazi zombies!!! A marine takes a grenade and throws it at a nazi zombie officer the officer thinks it is a brain and eats it and blows up. A police man shoots a zombie soldier witha handgun when it does not harm it he uses his rifle to knock the zombies head off! A zombie nazi general takes his revolver and shoots at a survivor but some other survivors cut down the zombie with several rounds of fire from their sub machine guns and shotguns! But their are hundreds more then bombers and biplanes bombard and gun down the zombies! but a japanese (yes there are sevral japanese army zombies too) general, a german colonel and a german tank commander survive but the surviviers gun them down! the amaricans throw a big party to celebrate! Stay tuned to see if the zombies return on magic piranha or magic grid. to get there click the second friend in my blog

let me explain why i have not bloged in the last three day the first two i was near monterey and I had a creepy dream about mom in bed and a woman who looked just like her in this hallway that doesn't exist! I got some action figures and a free comic. The on the third night I watched Brave with my dad since the landlord was doing something with the toilet at the apartment.

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