Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to make your own Nazi zombie minifigure

1.Get a zombie head (custom or in Lego sets) put it down.
2.Get an army helmet: get a helmet/hat, and put it on the head.
3.Get an army shirt: get an army shirt, make sure to use paint or marker to make blood on the shirt.
4.Get a weapon such as machine gun or chain gun or revolver, put it in the zombie's hand.
5.Get cool arm like a half-ripped sleeve or bloody ripped off arm.
6.Get pants for the zombie such as ripped off leg or blood spill.
7.Use paint or marker to make blood stains and stuff like that. Also if you want your zombie holding his arm ask your parent/guardian to get a knife or some thing and cut the arm in two.
8.Put your zombie in your Lego zombie scene and complete the feeling of horror by using some red bricks as Lego blood and put Lego body parts scattered around.

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