Friday, July 6, 2012

Battle of Kashkky, part 3

The leader of the upgraded commando droids pulls out a viro blade and points at the jedi: ''Get them!'' he says, slicing down an unlucky clone that happened to be with the jedi and slicing off the head of the other clone trooper: ''Aaaggghh!!!'' screams the clone trooper. He trys to kill Roban Corbb but he slices the droids viro blade arm off. With only one weapon left the droid pulls out an advanced pistol series 4-56 and blasts at Roban Corbb. He then is stabbed in the chest by Pablo Jill, who says: ''A dead battle droid is the only good type of battle droid!'' as he slices two commando droids in the heads and chests then force pushes them into a huge tree. Then Jor-hro slices the burning tree in half and points up into the sky: ''rain'' Then Shor jumps down with two trandoshon troopers and points a blaster of a fallen trandoshon commando at the jedi and says: ''Prepare to die, Jedi Scum!!'' and opens fire. Then the Jedi slice them down! and knock out Shor! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? COME BACK NEXT TIME FOR BATTLE OF KASHYYYK, PART 4. COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

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