Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today -- PLUS 1 month till new season of The Clone Wars

Today I went to camp and played a game where you have to catch the ball and if it falls on the ground the other team gets it. Then we had lunch. Then I went into the loft and when I made a little sound one of the people playing MAGIC: THE GATHERING came towards me. When I held a pillow up for self-defense he knocked it away and beat me into the ground. Then I went down and a little later saw some kids going outside, so I ran outside and saw a group of kids around the building next to us. I walked up and saw that they were making insulting faces at an angry teen who said: "Girls, girls, I know I'm pretty, but don't fight over me'' then one of the kids said: ''Look behind you,'' just as another kid came through the back door. We left seconds before the their teacher arrived. Then we went up into the loft and battled to the death with pillows.

NEW SEASON OF THE CLONE WARS in one month: a new season of the clone wars will come out! there will be all NEW characters, aliens, enemies, droids, ships and more.

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