Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nate's Tales of Horror

Okay, guys, let's settle in for two stories of horror settle yourself in a bed, a rocking chair, etc, with hot cocoa and crackers with peanut butter. Now here we go...

James Denworth, a billionaire playboy, had just returned from a beach resort in Hawaii to his mansion. ''Ahh, how good it feels to be back,'' he says as he enters his vast living room. Sitting in his rocking chair, he looks at the clock ''10:25!!!'' he screams at a butler who runs away. James then calmly takes out a copy of TALE OF TWO CITIES. Then he hears moaning  from his attic which is locked with lead chains. Then he feels like someone heavy is sitting on him but there is no one there. He lies in his bed. Then some thing rips his blanket off. Then his pillow flies into a Chinese vase making it break. Seeking to find out what is making the noise, he opens the door. He sees a green glow halo, then he sees.......... HIMSELF!!!!!! in ragged clothes, the ghost of him says: ''Hello.'' Suddenly James Denworth falls down DEAD!

Edward Nothro was a man who was a star to girls because of his looks. Then one day he met a woman named Catlin Martin - it was love at first sight. They dated and eventually married. The day after this found Edward dead in his bed with two small round bite marks on his neck. People saw a huge bat fly towards the window. They shot it and it fell on the ground and turned into a dead Catlin Martin. They opened her mouth and saw she had two sharp teeth and long finger nails (Edward did not see them since she wore gloves all the time - she said she had a rash) SHE was a vampire - she had killed Edward.

That was fun! Well, I hope you are freaked out since that why scary stories were invented anyway. 

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