Thursday, September 20, 2012


I run and grab a baseball bat and a handknife. I then throw an empty dart rifle:' "It's empty, but we can still use it to crack it over those zombie cyber-jerks' heads,'' I say to Matthew. Suddenly we both hear a loud thump: ''Oh no, one of the cyber-jerk zombies must have gotten wise and climbed over the other door!'' I say."I'll get him,'' I say, thumbing my hard baseball bat against my palm. Then I run through the backyard and see a thin zombie cyber-jerk with a sword for a hand who groans: ''brains...'' ''On guard!!'' I say, as i do a fencing pose from a Zorro movie. The zombie cyber-jerk trys to impale me but I duck and and knock him across the face four times. The zombie falls over unconscious:' 'Ha!!!!'' I say and kick him over the wall: ''and stay out!'' I say as the zombie lies sprawled across the pavment. I run back to Matthew who's shoving a big box of old novels and Tintin books. Suddenly a sumo zombie cyber-jerk falls from the door! Matthew heroically jumps and grabs me before the zombie sumo can crush me. The zombie roars hopelessly, trying to get up, flailing its arms wildly: ''gggggrrrrhrhh!!!!!'' it roars: ''I'll teach you to try and crush me, you overgrown undead roadkill!'' I say and hit him twice in the head with my metal baseball bat. The zombie falls unconscious. Then I say to Matthew: "Let's pick up this zombfied fat dude and use him to your advantage.'' We both grab both the zombie ends and open the door: ''Heave ho!!!'' I scream as we throw the zombie sumo into the zombie horde: ''Gggggggaaaaarrrrrhhhhhh!!!'' roars a zombie cyber-jerk kindergardner as the zombie lug smashs into him! I whack the zombified bus driver, Gus, in the chest when he gets too close and then hit a zombifed art teacher, Miss Robsin. WILL NATE AND MATTHEW SURVIVE THE HORDES OF ZOMBIE CYBER-JERKS? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

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