Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Day

Today I went to a homeschooler thing and got A LOT of bug bites and then talked to a kid about minecraft and what he did in it. Then we drove to Paul's class, and I made STICKMEN VS ZOMBIES PART 1 AND 2 (I possbly could start showing Matthew and my creations on this blog). We also did more STUPID STICKMAN cartoons about a stickman that gets killed at the end of every cartoon in different ways. Then we went to Kyle's school where I was punched by one of Kyle's minions in a brown shirt (I do not know which one). Kyle knocked into one of his own evil minons and his lip started bleeding. Then we went to Minghe's home. I played POTTY RACERS and other games on a game site, had ice cream, and went home.

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