Sunday, September 2, 2012

Poptropica tips: places the objects are in Time-tangled Island

map of the cave to golden vase

1.Climbing goggles in Aztec empire.

2.Statue model: top of Mount Everest.

3.Peace medal: Da Vinci's laboratory.

4.Declaration of Independence in the Mali empire.

5.Stone bowl in Lewis's and Clark's campsite.

6.Sun stone piece: Edison’s workshop.

7.Notebook on the Statue of Liberty.

8.Salt rocks in the Graff House.

9.Thor's amulet on the Great Wall of China.

10.Golden vase (the hard one): Go to the Great Wall of China and pick up a barrel of explosives. Go to where to Vikings are. Climb to the first cliff. Click rope pile and run. It blows up. Pick up torch and go in. You will have a little time to find the gold vase, but do not go in the water. If you do your torch will go out.

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