Monday, September 17, 2012


Matthew and I are sitting in the house all by ourselves since it is a parent teacher night. We are playing the Lord of the Rings board game when we hear a moan: ''Ggggrrrrraaahhh!'' Matthew says: ''What was that?'' I say: "Maybe it was Amanda?'' We both laugh like maniacs then we hear the moan again: ''Ggghhhrrrrkkkk...'' Matthew says: ''Where the heck is the groan coming from?'' I suddenly shout: ''I know: The front yard!'' We run to the front yard window and we see a horde of jerks, but they're not normal jerks--they're....... ZOMBIE CYBER-JERKS!!!!!! One zombie cyber-jerk with a robot leg and arm, wearing a knit cap with its long black hair falling out in the back. Another is a female zombie cyber-jerk with a robot cannon arm and dark purple hair with a black stripe in front of her face, except for her mouth. Then there's a huge one with a robot arm with its hand replaced by a mace, missing three teeth with a green mohawk, with one of its eyes hanging down from its eye socket. It almost notices us: "Oh my gosh I had no idea zombies were real unless it were in los zombies or Resident Evil,'' I say. Matthew says: ''I wonder how those jerks turned in to zombie cyber-jerks?'' Just then Matthew accidentally knocks over a dart gun! CLANG!!!!! ''Matthew, you numbskull'' I whisper as all the zombie cyber-jerks turn. ''Quick, to the other door!'' I yell to Matthew. We both run to the other door and slam it closed as a thin zombie cyber-jerk reaches his zombie arm through. His zombie arm falls to the ground: ''Gross!!'' we scream in unison, then we quickly make a barrier with a bunch of chairs, desks and empty Lego boxs WILL NATE AND MATTHEW SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE CYBER-JERK ATTACK? OR WILL THE HORDE OF UNDEAD CYBORG JERKS MANAGE TO GET NATE AND MATTHEW??? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!!!!

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