Friday, September 7, 2012

Battle to the Death Lego Moc (lego blood) moc no.3

A heavy gunner about to shoot a shirtless zombie

Zombie securtity guard, mutant farmer, dead zombie

Back view of the heay gunner shooting a shirtless zombie

Zombie solider, mutant civialian, fallen zombie survivor, zombie gorilla actor, zombie peasant with axe (top left of photo)

Zombie reporter, male zombie skier, and zombie miner

Mutant Japanese danceing woman, armless zombie A.D.U trooper

the dead zombie

Bald zombie battling long-haired solider

Armored S.W.A.T member

Angry survivor in suit, baron survivor, doctor survivor, and wounded survivor

A dead survivor
hello, my friends, I made this Lego moc recently. I started making it just after getting THE ZOMBIES Lego set. Also I used the zombies from the set's heads for the bald zombie in picture 8 and picture 2 and the shirtless long-haired zombie in images 1 and 3. The zombie without his legs and a cap has a vampire head, since I could not find a suitable zombie head for him. This moc is of a battle between a group of survivors  and a horde of zombies (not all are zombies; there are two mutants). My  three favorite zombies in this moc are probably the zombie peasent with an axe, the shirtless zombie, and the zombie nobleman.

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