Saturday, September 29, 2012

how to make some cool costumes in poptropica

aztec heavy
1.get aztec lion mask
2.get the aztec king's servent's clothes
3.get aztec king's necklaces and cape
viking bezerker
1.get the last viking's clothes
2.get the axe from the viking costume
3.get helmet with gold bottom
4.get blue cape

1.get bucky luckes's shirt
2.get goth boy's side burn
3.get bucky luckes's hair

elite sniper
1.get underwater hazermat suit's gun
2.get zorro shirt
3.get bullet belt
4.get sir rebel's goggles
5.get cap from the spy inside the base
6.get biker's jacket

elite sniper 2
1.get goggles
2.get the first spy's cap and shirt
3.get bullet belt

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