Friday, September 28, 2012

The orc camp moc no.5

the orc genaral and his second in-command (in case you're wondering that is a harry potter troll head)

an orc officer with a sword

an orc sorcerer and the back of a orc bezerker.

an orc spearsman and an orc with a staff with a human head on it.
two orcs eating and drinking by a fire. (yes thats a human head the second orc is eating)

an armored orc taking his helmet off.

two orcs warming themselves by the fire.
an orc guard on top of the watch tower.
the orc bezerker's front view.
This is a little medieval moc I did when I was bored on a weekend. I did it out of boredom and from the fact that I had a perfectly good harry potter troll head. These are pictures I took with our camera. In picture number 2 there's a guy getting mauled by an orc, but I did not take a photo of that.

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