Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I did the day before yesterday

The day before yesterday I went to park day and I went with this girl, Sylvana, onto the creek bed. It was dry. I saw her little brothers were puting fruit in a big dirt skull-shaped face, not that there was anything wrong with THAT. Then I asked Sylvana and she said that we should chase her two sisters on their scooters, so we did that. Then she picked up a fruit and said: ''Let's annoy my little brother!'' and we told him wow we have this fruit wow! He and his friends chased us. I have no idea why they chased us. The fruit had a big bite in it for goodness sake! Anyway, this kid said he was working with us and then I put the fruit under my hat and pretended to be a double agent and got my pocket searched but all they found was a bottle top. Then I just said, ''She has it, no, she has it!'' and the boys beat up Sylvana and that girl that talks in a different language every day a little. And then we gave it back to them for some reason and left a little later. 

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