Monday, May 7, 2012

the night of the annoying girls!

boy am i tired! i have sand in my hair both of my elbows have wounds and sand is in my ears! you are probley thinking:  "wow i wonder how he got like that?'' well here is my story hope you like it. here it is: so i was doing park day with dad and played with rocket things that go in to the sky. then i saw these two sisters i saw last park day and played with them.  then we started playing explorers. it started out fun until i was playing the prisoner and two dumb girls who were playing (one was the sister with glasses) started using REAL sticks instead of imaginary ones to pretend to saw off my head! then one started to pour sand on me from a bottle and i started batting them with my hat. i was knid of angry at the sister that was not attacking me because i was being mugged by those two mrs.capone jrs right around where she was cuddling this baby. anyway, i ran out from the bottom of the ship thing very quickly with those two evil girls in hot pursuit. i ran to the back of a slide and overheard them filling the bucket with sand. then i thought: ''hey they're a bunch of girls with no tactical and battle skills whatsoever'' and came out. big MISTAKE. one saw me and started chasing me. i went on a tire-swing. at first one of them tried aiming at me but the sand kept hitting the ground. but she gave the bottle with the sand in it to the other girl. then my behind went down the middle of the tire and little mrs.devil no2 poured sand on my head. a little bit later they said i looked stupid be cause i had pink on my shirt with the egyptian alphabet on it. then i was on the swing and fell down and got wounded on the elbow i had managed not to get scratched last weekend. and also i was on the swing with the good sister when suddenly one of the two evil girls picked up a stick and tried to poke and throw it at me. then i left.

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