Monday, May 21, 2012

Attack of the killer scorpions

I am thinking about scorpions and pondering what would happen if they could get giant or maybe get smarter? Would they say to each other: ''Excuse me, but can I go out and kill humans by the dozens?'' Or maybe: ''Aaww, mom, not humans on a stick again!'' Anyway, me and Matthew would kill one by building a catapult and throwing burning rock on it and FIRE! It would kind of be like THEM!, a horror movie right up anyone's alley, unless you are scared by ants... In the end the humans torch the queen ant and all the ant eggs with flame throwers! I think we could get some big flame throwers, probably, unless they were out of stock, and get some tanks and death rays too, and a box full of ak47s and grenade launchers. Wow! would Santa have a load to carry all that, wow!

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