Monday, May 14, 2012

Nate and the movie of doom

"Why hello, angel of death, you are late!"
Yesterday, we watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (note to pepole who are going to see Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: this blog is a spoiler to you. For pepole who see it try to forget it until after the movie). So anyway, let's get going. So Indy is in the jungle (not the birthday place, you guys!) and is with four guides. One sees a big statue of a demon and runs away screaming like a little girl, then the other three get to a river and one of the guides pulls a pistol on Indy, but Indy uses his whip to knock the guide's pistol right out of his hand. That guide runs away screaming too. Indy only has one guide now. So they get to the temple and go in and the guide sees that Indy has a few spiders on his back and Indy knocks them away. Then the guide turns around and a bunch of spiders are on him! Indy knocks them off. They go in and go into a room with windows. The guide almost goes into one of the lights but Indy stops him and puts a stick into the light. A decaying body with a spear through it goes forward. EEEKKK! Indy goes and gets the statue. The guide betrays him and dies. Then Indy has to give the statue to Belloc, his hated enemy, and gets chased by natives. Then he learns about the Ark and its horrible powers. He goes to the Himalayas, gets attacked by Toht and his thugs, kills all of the thugs with this cute girl, Marion Ravenwood. Toht touches the ruby thing, which is stupid due to the fact that it is on fire, and he runs out the door and puts his hand on the cold ice. Then Indy and that Ravenwood lady go to Cairo and Indy punches and whips some ninjas butts and goes and see where the Ark is buried and gets sealed inside. Indy gets rid of a wall and they get through. Indy starts punching the German mechanic and the German mechanic is about to kill Indy but gets killed by propellers and his blood spatters everywhere(eew!). Indy gets on a horse and does a high speed chase. Indy gets the Ark but the Germans get it back and go to this valley. Indy is captured and the Germans open it and say: ''Why, it's just sand!'' and start laughing. Indy and Ravenwood close their eyes and ghosts start coming out and kill all the soldiers (due to the fact the Nazis killed a lot of Jews, the Ark's first owners) and the angel of death comes out and looks like a cute lady and turns into a demon and the German boss starts screaming and the colonel of the three's head shrinks and Toht's face starts melting (eew!) Their leader's head just blows up and their bodies go up into the sky and the lid falls down on top of the box and THE END.  

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