Wednesday, May 9, 2012

dungeons and dragons rocks!!!

today i played dungeons and dragons with clark at their house and it was so fun! in the first round my character (sir nate, an orc with a eye patch) had some humilating events leading to my character's demise. first my character tried to wrestle with the armory maker, got hurled onto the ground by some royal guy, and got put in jail. a guy came in and tried to make my character a wood crafter but my character ran through one door and into a bathroom, took off all my character's clothes and went down the toilet and on to a pile of poop. Then knocked a guy out, took his clothes and went into the crowd and committed suicide by laughing at a royal knight. the knight took out a bow and arrow and shot an arrow right through my character's head killing him. let me tell you the rules: when you play the dungeon master you have unlimited powers, like for example, the power to blow up the planet. when the player dies in the game he or she becomes dungeon master. your player can be a human, a dwarf, an orc or an elf. the game can be played almost anywhere because when you play it you don't have to bring anything unless it is your brain. you have to say your character's eye color and stuff. this game is also a good way to learn about people when they describe their character. it is a really good game.  

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