Thursday, April 12, 2012

known your monster: the honey island swamp monster

Are you ready for a tale of spine chilling horror? Ready? Sure? Yes? Ok! Here you go: one guy and his best friend were looking for an abandoned camp they saw from a heliocopter in the air. They walked in to a clearing and were VERY suprised at what they saw in front of them. It was a big monster! It head them and faced them. It stood up, and ran back into a bush. The two friends found only its tracks. Then in 1974 (they saw it in 1973) they went back there to hunt ducks, and they saw a trail of dead boars (cue omnious music). They followed the dead boars until they came upon a freshly killed boar (bum bum bum!) and saw foot prints that looked like the ones they saw the year before! They made cast foot prints later that night. After a little bit Ted Williams claimed he saw it a lot. Ted Williams has not been seen to this day since he disappeared in the deeper part of the Honey Island Swamp. (Honey Island Swamp monster fact: it reeks of the smell of death).

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