Tuesday, April 17, 2012

know your monster: mokele-mbembe

real live dino???
If any Apatosaurus is still alive mokele-mbembe is probably it. In 1776 some people saw its three-claw tracks and sightings of the animal in the green jungle swamp have been going on for more then a century. Mokele-mbembe's size is said to be between that of a hippo and an elephant. All the eyewittness agree that it has smooth grayish-brown skin tone, a long neck, a long tail like a croc's, and a small head topped of with a horn or frill like a rooster. It eats plants but will kill those who approach too near, and it is said that Mokele-mbembe sleeps on a bed of elepants tusks. (Mokele-mbembe tip: the name Mokele-mbembe means the one ''who stops the flow of the rivers.'') (top tip: PELSE do not eat it's meat in storises the natves told of fow some pepole killed one and it took days to cut apart and all that ate it died) 

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