Monday, April 30, 2012

know your monster:living dinosaurs

Okay, I am a little paranoid because this is the last day of cryptid month. So I am doing a blog about living dinos. Anyway, I will start with the Pterodactyls. They are many Pterasaurs sightings so I will focus on the two main ones. The first is Kongamoto, meaning ''overwhelmer of boats.'' He is the more aggressive of the two. It attacks people. In 1925 a native went into its teritory and was attacked and wounded by a giant flying thing. When he was shown a picture of a Pterodactyl he ran away screaming like a little girl. It has been known to kill people. The more gentle of the two is the Ropen. It glows with yellow light and does not attack anybody. It eats human flesh and dead bodies and fish. Now for Nguma-monene. While this adventurer dude was looking for Mokele-membe (see my post about Mokele-membe!) he saw it, and after a little while it left. Then some guy said he saw it kill an animal without even leaving a kill mark. It could be a Spinosaurus. And now for the Beast of Busco. It is a giant snapping turtle. In 1898 some farmer saw it and told some other people about it. But then just forgot about it altogether. Then half a centrury later some people saw it in the same lake as before. Now for the one and only Moa! When people first got to New Zealand they saw Moas but some time beween the late 1600s and the early 1800s they became extinct. But in the 1840s some bird painter saw it (go figure!). His feet desription looked exactly like a fossilized Moa's foot. And now for the grand finale...the Elwetritsh! It looks like a chicken with antlers with breasts. I cannot get much more information than that.

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