Tuesday, April 24, 2012

know your monster: the Pope Lick Monster

[Drawn from Wikipedia]The Pope Lick monster has used Pope Lick River to lure pepole to their doom! (cue bloody music). Here is the Pope Lick monster's hunting ground: half-man half-goat haunts the trestle. The half-man half-goat hybrid has the grotesquely (I have no idea what this word means, please tell me) deformed body of a guy, fur-covered goat legs, an alabaster (i have no idea waht this means to) skinned face, no nose I think, and wide-set eyes, and two horns. His hair color matches his fur color. Do not look into his eyes because he can hypnotize you and mimic voices (like me, I can make great imitations of owls and wind). Do not go onto the train! If you hear the vocie of a loved one asking for help it will be most likely the Pope Lick monster. If you are dumb enough to go onto the train track, you will either be run down by a train or plunge the 100 foot height to your death. He also may attack you with a bloodstained axe or will pelt you with stones and make scary noises (Pope Lick monster tip: there is a Pope Lick Goatman too. If you want to avoid him, or see him, look at my "Know your monster: the Pope Lick Goatman" blog post coming soon to my blog!)        

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