Friday, January 13, 2012

Rocket Car

We are on the highway going to the grochery store. I ask,"When are we going to get there? Can't you drive any faster?" Dad says," I don't like to go much faster than this." "Can I drive then? I bet I could go real fast," I say. Dad says, "Hmm, well, ok, sure, I'll pull over," he says. "Don't worry about a thing, Dad!!! Which pedal is the clutch?" "The left one, then the brakes, then gas." Smoke bursts out of the wheels. "Here we go!!! Hang on!!!" "OOOh, this is faster!" Mom says. "Blow the horn! Make everyone get out of the way!!!!!" Dad says excitedly. Our car soars above the other cars. One guy in a big truck swerves out of the way and crashes into a red minivan. They burst into flames!! "We were airborne," I say happily. "We should have done this sooner!" says Mom. "We'll get there in no time now," says Dad. We go into the clouds! "I wonder how fast we're going?" says Mom. "I can't say. We broke the speedometer." "This is the only way to travel," says Dad. "We're passing that jet," says Dad. "Way to go, Nate!!!" "I like driving," I say.

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