Sunday, January 29, 2012

Indana Nate and the sleep over of doom (note: this happened the day before yesterday)

I am on the couch when the door bell rings rrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggggg!!!
I open the door. I see Matthew with Minghe, then we go play, then the pizza arrives and then we watch ninjgo: rise of the snakes. I grab the pizza. I run to the tv. I collide with Matthew. The pizza falls on the ground!!! I run to my chair as Matthew goes to his chair. We watch ninjogo:rise of the snakes episode 3. Mom gives us pizza (i have no idea how she did that) then we watch star wars: the clone wars then me and Matthew go to his house and played stupid zombies
then we go to sleep then we wake up the next day then I wake up Matthew and I say ''Matthew?'' ''What?'' he says ''Matthew, why are your mom and Kyle asleep at this hour?''i say'' I don,t know'' Matthew says. Then we play with Lego figures then go in to the kitchen then we hear Minghe then we play LORD OF THE RINGS the board game (with out rules)I play the zombies. Me and Matthew team up bankrupt Kyle. We totally like destroy Kyle's team! Then I ate cereal and play ALL KILL then I go home.

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