Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Day

I wake up, then I get 2 strawberry popsicles. I ask my mom if it's morning. She says yes. I eat my frosted flakes then I spill them everywhere. Then I laze around the house. Mom makes me do work. We walk around the block. I open this box. It's Calvin and Hobbes "The Days Are Just Packed"!!!!!!!!!!! Then I laugh. I go and play Star Wars The Clone Wars Adventures. The darn thing gets disconnected!!! I scream. I read Calvin and Hobbes some more. Then we go to the art store and get some stuff. Then we settle down and watch Clone Wars "Defenders of Peace" and "The Tresspass," while eating soup. Then I chew half of the cinammon-flavored bubble gum while mom is talking on the phone to dad. "Don't eat any more," my mom yells. We read the new Jack and Annie book. Then I read a little of Calvin and Hobbes. Then I write this blog which you are reading right now.

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