Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kyle,s Birthday party

I am in my mom,s car my mom is looking for a parking place my mom is cursing finally we get a parking place we walk in GASP!!! the line is really long!!! we wait,we wait and wait then finally we get in I take off my shoes and my socks then I see Matthew I say ''let,s jump'' ''ok''says Matthew then we jump to are hearts content then we go and set down on a table and I say '' my hearts beating!!'' ''yeah'' Matthew says agreeingly then we play ESCAPE 4 in which you play these detective guys and kill horribly deformed zombies then we play STAR WARS: TRILOGY I pick the battle of hoth I killed 20 walkers! But I keep missing those pesky little probe droids and at-ats !?!#$?!* (translated: ''dumb,idiotic,stupid,horrible scum!!!) Matthew says I am an idiot and I had horrible aim then we go and jump some more I say'' I predict that you will say that you're sorry soon''i say then we go and ask Matthew's dad if he can give us some money he says that he only has ''big bills'' and that we should ask Minghe so we ask Minghe she gives us two big one doller bills we trade them in for game tokens and use them to play this cool game where you kill terrorists and goons then we played METAL SLUG in which you kill evil guys and stuff then we went and ate pizza then I talked with Matthew then we played STAR WARS: TRILOGY Matthew picked the battle of yalvin blew up 12 tie fighters then we ate cake I ate like three slices of cake!!!!
then we want home THE END

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