Monday, March 19, 2012

video game geeks

today i woke up then went with dad to this boat place and we saw this other home schoolers and me and the rest of the kids wanted to ride a boat but my dad and the other grown-ups said after we walked then we walked a ronud a little bit then went out on the boat with the other kid but stoped when the nishay's boat turned acidently turnd his boat a round so we went back the other way when we were at the boat house nishay's  mom asked if i wouded like go to thare house i said yes then i when inv thare car we played the flag game then when we got thare we went into the house and nishay's mom intro dost me to justin i watheed him play MIND CRAFT then we played HARRY POTTER AND THE DEADLY HALOS PART 1 then we left

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