Saturday, March 24, 2012

Epic flashback: the play of doom!

I was with Clark and Nelson listening to ''Justin Morgan had a Horse'' and reading a guide to this strange game. It was raining then Clark and Nelson's mom dropped us off at the foot of the church for a few seconds while we got a seat. I thought she had abandoned us to fend for our selves! But then I saw her and stoped worrying. The first part was boring then we accidentally went into the cast room! We had lunch. Terrie and Clark went to the bath room then one guy went past us and said, ''One minute, friends,'' but it kind of freaked me out because the way he said ''friends'' made me think he thought we were ACTORS then Terrie finally came out with Nelson and we went to see the second part. It was a lot better than the first part. I liked the battle at the begining of part 2 then went out. (A wee bit of my play history: my first play did not go that well. We all forgot to go into the stage fast enough. I played a monkey. There were about 7 of us. We forgot to act sick and I got looked at in the bath room. The play was Doctor Doolittle. My second play was the Secret Garden. It was good. Then I watched A Christmas Carol. My favorite part was when the ghost flew across the room. The guy who played Scrooge fit his roll PERFECTLY. Then me and my grandma and grandpa watched this.)

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