Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Odyssey

I am listening to The Odyssey, a Greek story by Homer. Here is the plot: first some scout guy goes to Ithaca and tells Odysseus that he needs to battle in the Trojan Wars and then this goddess lady tells them how to kill all the Trojan guys. They accidentally destroy the goddess lady's statue who told them how to burn the enemy city. Little do they know of their approaching doom.Then they head back home but the goddess makes the waves turn their boat towards Polyphemus's island. Odysseus blinds Polyphemus (poor Polyphemus!) and Polyphemus is the sea god's son. Then they go to the weird islander's island and three of e'm go mad. They sail to the land of the cannibal giants and 11 of the ships go good bye and then they go to Circe's island and 22 of them turn into pig-men but turn back into guys a little after. Then sirens almost make the main charcter go crazy. Then there are Scylla and Charibdus and six of his best men die a horrble death (I mean as in horrible death as in getting torn apart and having your arm dangle from a six-headed monster's teeth). After that his men eat the sun god's best cattle and all his men are thrown from the ship and drown. and his son  telbmachus gos to find him and gos topeelos and the king tells him about his dad and then he goes ask metalous and finds his dad

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