Monday, December 12, 2011

A Tale of Horror, by Nate

It was a dark and stormy night. Nate and dad see a ship with red laser shooters and a giant bug face coming down. It zaps us with a Wqreuuuiop ray. The last thing we saw was a barrel of an Ailebn pilot  ,…………                                  
We woke up. We saw the evil alien android leader 8-SUXXAPYH and his dinosaur lieutenant R-Rex-8-7. He laughs evilly and explains his plan:
“You puny earthlings are just in time to watch as I destroy your puny home planet by unleashing horrible monsters from the 19th century!!!!!!!!!!”
He starts shooting a giant, super ray of doom ray. It creates a portal and giant monsters start coming out of it. And then I bribe a alien guard to de-activate the security lasers. Then I knock him unconscious with a blow to the chops.
Dad uses his cup of coffee to disarm an alien by throwing it on him.
Then I knock an alien into the lard pit. BIG MISTAKE! A giant doom-walker sees it and starts shooting alien rays at us. I heroically fire some banana-cream ice cream at it. Then it blows up the top of the giant droid.
Then we do damage to the alien ship core and the alien leader and his lieutenant escape in a a giant alien infiltrator mother ship.


  1. aliens are unknown and when did this attack happen? By the way this is a language: XL.

  2. Nate, this is a really fun story. we couldn't stop laughing when we read dad throwing his coffee to disarm one alien and you fired the banana-cream ice cream. We are waiting for more fun stories.
    Matthew, Kyle and Minghe


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