Sunday, December 25, 2011

Battle of Coruscant part 2

We find Lorrdian Jedi Master L'lacielo Sageon fighting for his life as V-wing starfighters zoom past, pursuing enemy tri-fighters. L'lacielo Sageon leading the 33rd attack battaleon, suddenly he is summoned elsewhere. We see Commander Fox fighting for his life against Grievous' invasion force on the north side. Quickly he opens his clone gauntlet and screams, "Where is our backup?!"
"I don't know, sir, our reinforcements are depleting," says a clone trooper next to him.
Then Fox dodges a blast meant for him which then hits the nearby trooper.
Suddenly a super battle droid attempts to shoot Fox, but then Fox shoots the droid in its main processor. The droid bursts into flames and falls into pieces.a at-te explodes
it's gunner screams in pain!!! fox fires he's baster pistol at a dw-av super battie
droid it falls back 'dispatched 'well fox die or live???!!!

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