Monday, December 19, 2011

The Battle of Coruscant, Part 1

It was a usual morning on Coruscant. Suddenly a Dro spice merchant cries out, "Look in the sky!" The ominous shadow of hundreds and thousands of Vulture Droids and Landing Ships. We see in the cockpit of the Invisible Hand. Grievous says evilly, "Land the ships. Kill as many enemy Clone Troopers and Jedi and civilians as you can." We see L'lacielo Sageon leading his 41st Legion Clones against the Separatists. He jumps upon a Super Battle Droid and cuts its head off. One of his Clone Troopers says, "There are too many of them. We need to retreat to the North Hemisphere." Says the Clone Trooper before he is killed by oncoming fire from a Droidika. Will this be The End of the Republic??? Find out next time, in Battle of Coruscant, Part 2!

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