Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!(from me and Lex Luthor!)

As all of you know it is NEW YEAR'S EVE and that tommrow will be the first day of a year of blogging!(muhahahaha!!!) Anyway let me tell you the story of TODAY!!!(dramatic theme music) So first we did what do every day that their's not school(like count the number of coins dad gives me for the lanudry machine) then we walked the golden gate bride,walked down a hill looking for chili,found shop was closed,walked some more,histroy did a repeat TWICE,found Reece's peanut butter cups,ate them,went home,ate dinner,(NOT DONE THINGS(yet))do blog,stay up till midnight,go up on roof to watch fireworks. So,readers HHHHHHAAAAAAPPPPPYYYY NNNNNEEEEEWWWWW YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAARRRR!!!!!!

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