Sunday, December 16, 2012

attack of the nazi zombies part 2

After the first nazi zombie attack everything waas well until one day,a spaceship crashed in a nazi graveyard and the nazis rose from the dead the survivors of the town near the greveyard all hide in a  ''safehouse'' the survivors gear up for a last stand.  All the nazi zombies in the town close in... The zombie nazi genaral shambles towards the safehouse first but a sniper blows his arm off and then shoot him. one overcofident solider charges at the zombies and becomes the first humand casulty. Thousands of zombies charge the base some being shot other losing arms and legs. The nazi zombies bang on the door. The army try to keep them out the other survivors gather at the door guns ready... The zombies breach the door theu charge at the survivors the survivors shoot some of the zombies. A trooper in the attic burns the zombies with a flamethrower suddenly a marine says:''follow me!'' the survivors run out of the house a thousand bomber planes sore at the uliding and blow it up!
THE NAZI ZOMBIES ARE DEAD!!!!!! or are they?
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