Thursday, February 2, 2012

the killer bike

one saturday Matthew and i are in the back yard sitting on the lawn when suddenly my bike emrges from the shadows! it runs over Matthew then it run over me!! ''ow!'' i scream i kick my bike it is no use!!! Matthew run for the door my bike senses it! my bike runs over Matthew!!!! i throw a rock at  the bike it run over me OW!!! me and Mattew run over to a big tree panting i say '' i know how to defeat my bike!'' me and Matthew run to the side of the house when my bike's head is turned i open the door
to our garage Matthew and i pick out weapons and then we slip around the house and run to our tree and plan out our attack after that me and Matthew get to our positions i distracts my bike well Matthew runs up  behind it and whacks it with a big stick it attacks him i run to get some tools to dismantle it i grab a wrench and throw it at my bike's head direct hit!!! my bike falls over me and Matthew waste no time wrapping it in tape then i look at my watch '' hey my tv show is on in a few minutes!''   

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