Monday, February 20, 2012

The best day in my whole life!!!

Yesterday I went to go horseback riding  I got this horse named Boba At first I was pretty freaked out but then I got used to it Boba followed the other horses We went through these plants One time the guy in front of me's horse ate some plants Then we followed the other horses Sometimes Boba ran to catch up with the guy in front of me Then me and Boba got to the beach with the other horses and people ''This IS pretty fun!'' I said to dad Then we turned around and went back with the others Then I patted Boba on the head Then we want up the mountain Then I think the teenager in front of me got pretty freaked out because Boba was shadowing him Then we got back and I got a Sprite Then we looked at the hang gliders Then we drove to this library but I think I may have gotten CAR SICK Then I threw up Then dad drove like hell to the apartment Then got in to bed and ate girl scout cookies, played video games Then we got rice Then I played video games for TWO hours then I went to bed and if you do not believe this here is  this picture:  

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