Friday, August 22, 2014

Goosebumps Reviews: More Monster Blood {SPOILERS!}

{EVERYONE READING THIS BLOG, I'M NOT TRYING TO CHANGE YOUR OPINION ON THE EPISODE, THANKS!} Welcome to my first goosebumps review, where I am going to review some goosebumps books. You may have not heard of this story, because it's only a Goosebumps TV episode, not a book. It starts out on a plane, where a kid insults Even and some other kids. The monster blood is somehow below deck. a driver calls a staff member to check below. He, of course gets eaten by the Monster Blood. A guy using the bath room also takes a while, but gets eaten by the monster blood. The monster blood comes out, but for some... reason, goes back inside the bathroom. Weird, that it seems pretty sentient, considering that it ate it's creator. The female flight attendant notices that the other Flight Attendant is gone. She leaves, to go check. She gets... incinerated by the monster blood? I dunno... her shoes are smoking. Oh well... Well, a weird looking person gets him. The monster blood eats most of the plane passengers, that we don't see in all the scenes not focusing on them. Also, I think it's a bit surprising that the captain and co-captain, don't notice their staff disappearing and people yelling in the back. They throw airplane food at it to make it sick. The kid with lots of allergies goes through the baggage tunnel. But Conan gets eaten, distracting him. They kill the monster blood. Everyone gets saved. A hazermat worker takes the monster blood. But a ant infected by monster blood grows giant. It's a okay episode so it's 5/5 for me.

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