Saturday, January 5, 2013

max the mime vs the ninjas! part 2

Max the mime wakes up in a dark room! A ninja's got his sword on our mime-hero's neck OH, NO!!! Then the lights go on! And Max sees the room is filled with ninjas! Then a samuri comes out and says: ''Hello, Max, I am Sam the Samurai and your minifigure sold more then me and my ninjas! So i shall have revenge!!! muhahahahahaha!!!!!'' and says to his ninjas: ''Destroy him!!'' The ninjas attack!!! Max pulls out a invisible flamethrower and torchs the ninjas, then runs out the door. He runs out onto a balcony and the remaining ninjas attack. He duels them with a invisible sword and they fall into the lava. Then Sam the samuari comes out and they duel. Suddenly Max cuts the ropes holding the platfrom together and Sam the samuari falls towards the lava. ''Curse you Max the mime!!!'' he yells. Then Max the mime catchs an invisible taxi to mimesville. NEXT IN THE MAX THE MIME SERIES: MAX THE MIME VS EL LEGO GRANDE!!! IN A BLOG NEAR YOU IN A FEW WEEKS!

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